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MIP-TV News: TV-Loonland Hypes Heidi Movie For MIP-TV

At this year's MIP-TV, TV-Loonland will show new developments such as WEREKIDS and JOHNNY MUTTON and will also bring a host other shows such as HEIDI, a 75-minute feature version of the classic children's tale.

Set in the Swiss mountains, HEIDI will be true to the popular Heidi fables, paying homage to the strong, colorful personalities the books. David Ferguson, coo of TV-Loonland, said, "HEIDI is a remarkably popular story that generations of kids around the world have grown up with. TV-Loonland and Nelvana are pooling our creative strengths to produce a refreshing new version of this classic that will reflect the more sophisticated animation techniques of today."

WEREKIDS, a 26x11 series in development for kids 7-11, follows five supernaturally gifted school kids who battle the forces of the paranormal. The trailer and pilot script will be available at MIP-TV.

JOHNNY MUTTON, a 26x1 series in development for 6-11 year olds, is based on THE ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY MUTTON from children's book author/illustrator James Proimos. The story follows Johnny, a sheep being raised as a human boy. The trailer and pilot script will be available at MIP-TV.

In addition, TV-Loonland will bring a second season of THE CRAMP TWINS, a 26x30 series aimed at children 7-11. The first season was a number one hit in the U.K. on both Cartoon Network and CBBC, and it has since been sold to more than 100 television stations worldwide, including 4Kids Ent.'s Saturday morning FOX BOX lineup in the U.S. The new season has already begun delivering.

MIP-TV will also see TV-Loonland's first CGI series, DRAGON'S ROCK (26 x 22). A co-production with Germany's Super-RTL, the show tells the story of dragon family the Hoppers, a regular family of five just trying to make ends meet and cope with the chaos of daily life. Aimed at family audience, TV-Loonland has all 26 episodes available.

TV-Loonland will also show a number of new pilot series, including RUDI AND TRUDI (26 x 11) and SAM HAMWICH, SUPERHERO SANDWICH (26 x 11). RUDI AND TRUDI is a pre-school series featuring the mischievous raven Rudi and his best friend Trudi the kitten. SAM HAMWICH, SUPERHERO SANDWICH is aimed at kids 7-12 and follows the comic adventures of Superhero Sam as he takes on unappetizing "evil doers." Both have trailers and pilot scripts ready for viewing.

TV-Loonland ( is an integrated media company producing and distributing internationally animation for children, youth and families. With its own development teams and production facilities in Europe, Great Britain, Asia and the U.S.A., a comprehensive rights catalog as well as a focused distribution effort for Europe, North and South America and Asia; TV-Loonland has become a world leader among the independent majors in the industry.

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