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MIP-TV News: Sony Hopes To Soar With Astro Boy AT MIP-TV

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) is bringing its big animated series, ASTRO BOY, to MIP-TV at stand M5.01. ASTRO BOY is amongst a diverse slate from SPTI, which includes Stephen Kings KINGDOM HOSPITAL, JOAN OF ARCADIA, MISSING, THE RESIDENTS, BEWITCHED IN TOKYO, SEA OF SOULS and POOR ANASTASIA.

The new ASTRO BOY is a futuristic story of an atomic-powered robot fighting for justice and peace in a society that scorns his kind. Created in METRO CITY, he lives among a retro-futuristic society populated by humans and robots. Astro possesses superb strength, including jet rocket feet and arms that allow him to fly at extreme speeds, as well as advanced intelligence and human-like emotions. Hes clever, resourceful and has a strong sense of justice, always attempting to reason with his adversaries.

ASTRO BOY was created 50 years ago by the legendary Tezuka Osamu, the pioneer of Japanese animation and known as the father of manga (Japanese comic books). In 1963, ASTRO BOY became the first Japanese show imported to the U.S. and one of the countrys top rated syndicated series. This beloved classic character has been a favorite amongst American and Japanese audiences for many generations.

ASTRO BOY is produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and Tezuka Productions, and is distributed in the U.S. by Sony Pictures Television. The series premiered in the U.S. on the Kids WB! Jan. 17, 2004.

SPTIs international networks are a key strategy in the companys long-range commitment to the global marketplace, with 30 channels in more than 100 countries reaching 230+ million viewers worldwide. In addition to distributing U.S. series around the world, SPTI also recognizes the need for high profile, locally produced television. With dedicated offices in Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the U.K., SPTI oversees production in eight countries and regions. SPTI is a Sony Pictures Entertainment ( company.