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MIP-TV News: MicroTainment Hopes MIP Buyers Will Warm to The Frost Family

MicroTainment is offering THE FROST FAMILY, a half-hour animated series for primetime at MIP-TV. The combination 2D/3D series will be available for fall 2005. Micortainment will be located in the Canadian Pavilion, #0.01, on the main floor of the Palais.

The series chronicles the strange adventures of The Frost Family, who are deep-frozen in a daring 24-hour experiment that goes terribly wrong, and thaw out 24 years later. A mad scientist father puts his kids and wife through the test in an attempt to push back the frontiers of physics. Only it backfires and the whole gang, frozen back in the 70s, returns a generation later to pick up the pieces of their life in a world they no longer recognize.

What The Jetsons were to the space age, The Frost Family are to the modern science of cyrogenics, says Mark Shekter, MicroTainment president. Cryogenics attempts to preserve humans in a deep-freeze for future purposes. Fine in theory, but with the Frost Family they all emerge alive but with a severe case of freezer burn.

Short-term memory loss, speaking in tongues, spontaneous urges to sing like Elvis, these are some of the afflictions that make the adjustment from platform shoes and disco-dancing to hip hop and the Internet trying for the family. Especially when your high school friends are now old enough to be your parents.

MicroTainment Plus Productions, founded by Garry Blye and Mark Shekter, is a full-service film and television company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in live action (drama), comedy and animation, its principals have produced more than 2,000 hours of programming seen on all major networks and specialty channels in over 80 countries.