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MIP-TV News: Evergreen To Offer Glimpse of Stark Raven Movie

Evergreen Entertainment will be offer at MIP-TV the first screen images for STARK RAVEN: THE MOVIE, an 85-minute original movie based on the popular comic books created and written by Ken Smith.

STARK RAVEN: THE MOVIE is an action-packed animated feature film, created and developed by Smith, written by Jono Howard, produced by Steve Walsh, and directed by Hervé Bédard, aimed at a 16+ demographic. Now in production, it will be delivered in spring 2005.

When key members of all the mafias leading families are killed in mysterious circumstances with nothing to show how they died or who killed them. The San Francisco cops are stumped until they team up with Cobretta, an extraordinarily beautiful private investigator who used to work for a little known Government agency, N.E.S.T. She has been hired to try to find what happened to another N.E.S.T. operative who, along with 14 others died in a disastrous experiment. She is convinced that N.E.S.T. is behind the mafia killings.

N.E.S.T. may be a government organisation, but it is paid for out of slush funds and is answerable to nobody. Its director, Zader, has given up any pretence of doing the Governments bidding. His plan is to develop new and all-powerful weapons to take over the world. The 15 who died all carefully selected orphans were part of an experiment to see how far men could be pushed without going mad. Their loss in the name of science means nothing to Zader, who thinks they will soon be forgotten. Somehow at least one of them has survived and now he is back, armed with extraordinary technology from a rival Japanese organisation: Stark Raven is intent on revenge, but more importantly on ridding the world of Zader and his weapons of mass destruction.

STARK RAVEN: THE MOVIE is an Ocean Sound production for Evergreen Ent. in association with Endless Horizons Ent. For all rights and to view the first images at MIP-TV, visit Chantal Keast or Walsh at Evergreen Entertainment, stand # H4.35 (MEDIA/Marketplace umbrella).

Evergreen Ent. ( is a joint venture formed by Steve Walsh and Steven Ching in March 2003, between, Steve Walsh Prods. and Agogo Corp.

Walsh previously ran EVA Ent., which successfully brought together animation studios in four different European countries to exploit their work in the 1990s. U.K.-based Steve Walsh Prods. has been active since its inception in 1986 to develop, finance and produce television animation and feature-length films for theatrical distribution for the international market.

Ching's company, Agogo Corp., is probably better known to many under its former name, Animation Services Ltd., offering animation production services through his four studios in China. However, in recent years he has become more and more involved in co-productions, investing money and services in a growing number of projects against distribution rights in Asia.