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MIP-TV News: DECODE Toons Into MIP-TV with Franny's Feet & King

DECODE Entertainment will have two animated series available at MIP-TV -- pre-school hit FRANNY'S FEET and 2D adventure show KING. Other product includes THE SAVE-UMS! and THE BLOBHEADS. During the market, DECODE will be based on the Don Juan boat, Jette Albert-Edouard, phone +

Following the popularity of the first 13x22 episodes, an additional 26 episodes of FRANNY'S FEET have been ordered by Channel 5 in the U.K. and The Family Channel in Canada. The first season has also been snapped up worldwide with recent sales in Asia to POGO, recently launched by TENA (Turner Entertainment Network Asia) in India and ATV in Hong Kong. Koreaís C4U Entertainment has also picked up television and home video rights. The series is also aired on Discovery UK, ABC in Australia, France 5, Teletoon in France and Canada's TeleQuebec.

Each episode sees Franny off on different adventures where she meets various characters with unusual problems, like the cowboy whoís afraid of horses or the fearsome Yeti who really just needs someone to talk to.

As well, the 2D animated series KING has been re-commissioned for a further 26x22 episodes by Canadaís The Family Channel bringing a total of 52x22 episodes available at MIP-TV. The show follows the adventures of a boy called Russell whose world is turned upside down as he discovers a portal under his bed, which takes him to a kingdom where he is king. The series is a co-production between DECODE and Funbag Prods. and has been sold worldwide to broadcasters including ABC Australia as well as TVB Pay TV in Hong Kong.

Co-produced by DECODE and Wark Clements, THE BLOBHEADS (26x30) is aimed at kids 8-12 and mixes live-action human characters with CGI aliens. Based on the book series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, the show will follow the adventures of Billy Barnes, whose life changes forever when the morphing, mess-making Zerek, Kerek and Derek arrive from Planet Blob. They have come to protect the Emperor of the Universe, who just so happens to be Billyís baby brother Silas. Now Billy not only has to try and survive grade 9, but he also has to deal with purple and red Blobheads living in his room.

THE SAVE-UMS! (52x11) are preschool heroes, who race to the rescue too solve emergencies through collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and the creative use of technology. These colorful, 3D animated characters offer kids an opportunity to feel safe in an exciting adventure world that is bursting with thrills, comedy and adventures.

Headquartered in Toronto, with offices in London, DECODE Entertainment Inc. develops, finances, produces and distributes distinctive live action and animated programming for the family, childrenís and youth markets. For more information, visit

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