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MIP-TV News: Cosgrove Hall Offers Six New Series at MIP-TV

Manchester-based animation house Cosgrove Hall will offer six new series at MIP-TV 2004 at the Granada stand R38.01.

CODEWARRIORS (26x30) is the company's first foray into CGI/live action mix. The series was commissioned by CITV. The hi-tech adventure series follows online gamers playing to save the world.

The CGI, sci-fi series BLUE DOG BLUES follows a blue dog, a biscuit and an anti-scratch cone. Starting as a short film, Cosgrove Hall is looking for co-production partners to produce a primetime family series.

CARROTTY KID chronicles the adventures of a karate-chopping carrot who fight food whose gone bad. The 2D digital series is aimed at kids from 711.

WOBBLY HORSE follows the antics of a little wooden horse who has only just learned how to get about on his four wobbly legs. The series will offer tales of learning through situations familiar with all pre-schoolers.

HAMSTER IN A CAGE follows Dave the hamster who constantly seeks freedom from his cage but can't cope with life on the outside. The CG series is geared toward the youth boys audience.

THE MYSTICS teams two mystics and a young boy together to fight the dark forces of evil. The series will be 2D with CGI effects and aimed at boys from 610.

Cosgrove Hall has produced generations of childrens favorites in the U.K., from DANGERMOUSE, CHORLTON AND THE WHEELIES and the beautiful adaptation of THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, right up to the more recent remakes of ANDY PANDY, BILL & BEN and the funky new ENGIE BENJY and LITTLE ROBOTS as well as THE WUMBLERS. The studio was acquired by ITEL, which ultimately became part of Granada, where the partners first met up and decided to launch their own company. Further information on Cosgrove Hall and its other productions can be found at

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