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Millimages’ Gotchaaa! Wins Best Web Film Award At Cannes

In association with the International Critic's Week at the Cannes Film Festival, awarded the first award for Best Web Film at Cannes 2001. The seven films in competition were: CUB by Steve Whitehouse, Canada; GOTCHAAA! by Eric Gosselet and Fabien Brandily, France; IN A GROVE by Hiroyuki Watanabe, Japan; LE SECRET MINCEUR by Stéphane Ricard, France; MARCELLE (episode Les Plaisirs De La Route) by Guillaume Joire, France; THE BIRTH OF STAINBOY by Tim Burton, USA; and THE SVUOTCHER by Flavio Della Rocca and Mattia Pasquini, Italy. Japans IN A GROVE won the public prize. Frances GOTCHAAA! -- a cynical and rather unconventional reflection on the meaning of life -- won the award for the best Web film. Produced by Millimages Online, this one-minute program is a pilot for an animated series for the Web. It was created and produced by Eric Gosselet and Fabien Brandily, two animators who graduated from the Gobelins school and now work for television. Created in December 2000, Millimages Online is a subsidiary of Millimages, a France-based animation production house. Millimages Online has just signed a co-production and distribution deal with French Internet portal Wanadoo Editions for two Web series: NOAH AND CO, a version of the Noah's Ark story, created by Eric Gosselet; and MINI LEE, an anime parody, created by Jean de Loriol, Pierre Olivier and Yann Popelier. Millimages Online will produce thirteen episodes for each series. For more information visit

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