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‘But Milk Is Important’ Trailer Now Online

A trailer for But Milk is Important, the graduation film from Norwegian animators Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris, is now online.

But Milk is Important is the graduation film from Norwegian animators Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris (originally from Stockholm, Sweden).

Created at Volda University College in Norway, the short stop-motion animation -- an official selection at last year’s Annecy festival -- delves into the world of social anxiety and mental illness in a soft, surreal and, at times, humorous way. It follows a man suffering with a social anxiety, who after a particularly vicious anxiety attack awakens to find a strange creature in his apartment. Why is he here? What does he want? Why is he so fluffy?

Since its completion in October 2012, the film has made the rounds on the film festival circuit, winning numerous awards including both the Audience Award and the Walt Disney Award for Best Graduation Film at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Best Graduation Film at the Se-Ma-For Film Festival, and Best Animated Short +18 Category at the Giffoni Film Festival (Europe's biggest Children's Film Festival).

But for those who couldn’t make it to the festivals, a trailer for the short film is now online. Check it out, below:

“For every 25 pictures we have one second of animation. Since we like the handmade feel in Stop Motion, we tried to maintain that while we challenged ourselves on the technical level by using ball and socket armatures and face replacements on the puppet. The face replacements give us a small library of expressions and gives a big variety of expressions on the puppet.”

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