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Milia 2001 Brings Interactivity To Life For The World To See!

* Saturday, February 10 Wednesday, February 14, 2001. Cannes, France.

Milia 2001 is the foremost interactive content marketplace in the world. The Think.Tank summit will run from February 10 11 followed by an exhibition starting on February 11 and running until February 14. The event will focus on new delivery platforms and technologies on the development of digital consumer content. Forrester Research Inc., a public-owned independent Internet research firm, is setting up the Think.Tank summit, by setting up the panelists and moderators. The event attracts 7000 industry decision-makers, who come to the event to develop partnerships with consumer developers, publishers, distributors, retailers, investors and technology companies. For more information contact Armelle Coatsaliou at: Tel.: ++33 01 41 90 44 79; Fax: ++33 01 41 90 44 70; or E-mail: or Elaine Clarke at: Tel.: ++33 01 41 9044 38; or E-mail:

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