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Milan Move Causes Troubles For RAI

Chief executives at Italian state broadcaster RAI have been asked to resign by prominent members of the government in response to the broadcaster's decision to move RAI2, one of its three channels, from Rome to Milan, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini has asked the RAI board of directors to step down, especailly RAI president Antonio Baldassarre, who heads the board, and its general director Agostino Sacca. RAI executives decided last week to relocate the channel without getting the greenlight for such a major move from the government. In November 2002, four of five RAI board members resigned amid sagging ratings, with the RAI chiefs ruling the broadcaster with just one vote of approval from the remaining board member, Ettore Albertoni, who had been pushing for the move to Milan. A parliamentary commission that oversees RAI is scheduled to meet soon since the government funds have been put on hold for the pubcaster.