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Mike Young Prods. Dives Into Int’l Co-Prod. 3D CG-Animated Series

Mike Young Productions dives into intl co-production DIVE! OLLY! DIVE!, a 3D CGI 52x11 series targeted at kids 4-7. Indigenous versions of the show will be created for individual markets.

DIVE! OLLY! DIVE!, created by two U.K.-based Liverpudlians, Ian and Andrew Ross, the show will be a co-production of Mike Young Productions UK Ltd., Yoram Gross Australia, KIKA of Germany, Telegael of Ireland, Taffy Ent. and Moonscoop of France.

The series features the grand adventures of a young, unmanned, anthropomorphic research submarine, Olly, who is in training. He and his best friend and fellow sub in-training Beth, live in a deep sea research facility called SURF (Special Underwater Research Facility), alongside their human supervisor/mentor Deep Sea Diver Doug, Dougs transportation vehicle SKID -- a young sea scooter with an inferiority complex -- and a permanent barnacle named Brandt. Olly and Beth experience the joys and challenges of life in their underwater world, much in the same way that preschoolers experience life in theirs.

In addition to comic adventures DIVE! OLLY! DIVE! offers viewers key scientific principles: observation, classification, measuring, space and time relationships, communication as well as predicting and inferring. It also is about caring for the waters and creatures that live in Ollys bathtub ocean world. The adventures, problems, and obstacles in each episode provide preschoolers with concepts of learning about their own place in the world and how they contribute to it.

Each episode also presents simple dilemmas and obstacles that provide opportunities for the characters to develop problem solving skills through their curiosity, inventiveness and enthusiasm, communicated to children that its sometimes OK to be wrong, on the way to discovering whats right.

Mike Young, chief executive of MYP says, Were intent on providing a world for children that stimulates their natural curiosity. Finding answers is not really the goal. Stimulating interest and provoking more questions is what were after here! In fact, a leading expert in early science education will work with us in the development of the series.

Geoff Watson, of Yoram Gross, adds, This show is a prime example of the commercial benefits of production partners teaming up around the world. Were setting out to produce a show with global appeal, while still tailoring to individual markets.

Quality always shines through as a prime ingredient with well received childrens broadcasting and this show is entrenched in it, adds Sebastian Debertin, of Kika.

One of the largest and most prolific independent animation studio and distribution companies in North America, MYP ( represents the mind-meld of partners Mike Young, creator of the British Academy award-winning series Superted; Liz Young, supervising producer of Scholastic Entertainment's Emmy-nominated CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, and its spin-off, PUPPY DAYS, both on PBS KIDS; and two-time Emmy Award-winning Bill Schultz, producer of THE SIMPSONS.

Taffy Ent. ( is a rights management and distribution company, which successfully distributes a number of MYPs series, including the multi award-winning series, JAKERS!, as well as TODDWORLD, HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and PET ALIEN. The company distributes to leading broadcasters in 160 countries around the world and also operates a consumer products division.

Yoram Gross-EM.TV is internationally recognized as Australia's leading producer of quality children's animated programming. Celebrating 37 years of production this year, the company's many successes include BLINKY BILL, DOT AND THE KANGAROO plus 14 other feature films, 11 completed TV series and six more series and a telemovie currently in production. The company has now diversified into the production of live-action television series with BAMBALOO, ART ALIVE and K-ZONE TV.