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Michael Zimbard Takes Over, Welcomes Mike Donovan at Edit1

Michael Zimbard takes the reins as the new owner and president of acclaimed pre-viz studio Edit1 and welcomes of Mike Donovan as Executive Producer.

Press Release from Edit1

NEW YORK -- You start out at a company, young, optimistic and driven. And you show your worth, cultivate respect, and eventually you end up running the whole place. OK, first there's 10 years of sharing your ability, your vision, your sweat. Then you take over the place. For Michael Zimbard, new owner and president of acclaimed pre-viz studio Edit1, that dream scenario is now reality.

"When I came onboard at Edit1, I wanted to be part of a company that I could help grow – where I could effect change – and I was able to do that," says Zimbard. "Now as owner, I want to push the company to the next level, building on our strong creative capabilities to position ourselves as the premier pre-visualization studio for commercial advertising." 

Zimbard's first step in building a bolder Edit1 is the hiring of Mike Donovan as Executive Producer. Donovan carries over a decade of experience in animation production and comes to Edit1 from Launch and most recently Nice Shoes, where he was managing director/head of production.

"Our business model allows us to offer clients a unique level of creative attention," says Zimbard, "and the addition of Mike Donovan as EP exemplifies our commitment to maintaining personalized access even as we grow. His dedication to clients is unmatched, and will further separate us from our competition.

"We strive to build relationships that are focused on our clients' needs. We want them to feel as if their project is the only one we're working on – not juggled among others or plugged into some formula."

Fostering a collaborative environment, Edit1 enjoys having clients visit its New York City studio, where a recent redesign complements the company's brand refresh. But while things may look a little different, the priority placed on earning clients' trust remains. That commitment, whether face to face or a thousand of miles away, is something Donovan says stands out within the industry, and is a big reason why he chose to join Edit1.

"Michael and I share similar philosophies in terms of creativity, client service and where the industry is heading," says Donovan. "I felt like I wanted to get back to the basics of production and work with clients on a more personal level, which is the nature of pre-visualization."

That nature is quick to evolve, with the technology becoming a more vital tool as the amount and variety of content increases. Zimbard believes it has untapped potential, and that engaging pre-visualization early in the production process helps agencies maximize its power.

"From design to demos, there's a closer marriage between test commercials and the final edit," says Zimbard. "Our pre-viz capabilities provide agencies with a stronger product at the start, one that stands up through the production process, leading to positive outcomes for creatives."

And while professional, efficient production is something Edit1 thrives on, Donovan believes one of the strengths of pre-viz is its ability to strengthen nascent or undeveloped creative imagery.

"By fleshing out the visual language, we're able to help agencies execute the telling of their stories," he says. "We make sure that our clients' ideas work, and then help them elevate those ideas, saving them time and money and, in the end, helping them create a better product."

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