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Michael Adamo Swings To Sway

Recently launched 3D animation and digital effects studio Sway has brought on Michael Adamo as executive producer. Adamo had been consulting for the company since January 2002. In his new role as executive producer, Adamo brings to Sway extensive character animation experience. Previously, Adamo worked at Zeros & Ones, Inc., where he served as producer and a director of the 26-episode Web series, JULIUS & FRIENDS. Adamo was also co-founder of AMPnyc Animation, where he produced and co-directed the seven spot campaign, "Happy Action Fun Time on ESPN" for NCAA basketball on ESPN. During his tenure at AMPnyc he also co-directed the "Cartoons that Never Made It" interstitials for the Cartoon Network, and was co-creator/director of five original shorts for MTVs CARTOON SUSHI.