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Miami 85 Toon Wins MoTV Award at NATPE Mobile ++

iHollywood Forum, Fun Little Movies and NeTV announced the winners of the first MoTV Awards. Comedian Eddie Griffin (DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO) congratulated the winners in person last night in a gala ceremony at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Best Mobile Content Award was bestowed at Marc Shahbozs animated short, MIAMI 85. The story follows three punk rock kids who discover a supernatural plot to take over a still-dormant South Beach. The music based horror/dark-comedy was produced by Humouring the Fates Inc. a Tampa-based animation house (

Founded 1995, Humouring the Fates, Inc. is a full service animation studio specializing in hand-drawn animation. Marc Shahboz works as a producer and creative consultant for HTF.

"We like animation, something poignant, something cool, said Shahboz. We're actively shopping MIAMI 85 and several other properties, with an eye for mobile delivery as well as traditional formats. You've really got to see how cool hand rendered animation reads on these tiny screens. It's probably the best translating media in the mobile arena."

Audience Choice Award went to an experimental film by Brent Roske and Chuck Bowman titled SOPHIE CHASE. Fun Little Movies Award for Best Comedy went to AROMA by Damon Sylvester and John McDonnell about the adventures of two not so dainty British mavens.

The MoTV Awards were co-sponsored by Quick Play and The Mobile Media Company ( who is streaming award entries to video enabled phones in addition to having powered the SMS text voting service live from Las Vegas.

The MoTV Awards provided an exciting culmination to iHollywood Forums 2nd Annual NATPE Mobile ++ conference, which attracted more than 700 attendees.

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