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Mi is Miss Digital World 2005

The winner of Miss Digital World 2005 is the Asian model Mi, designed by Shinichi Yoshimoto. Miss Digital World is a virtual beauty competition, open to only exceptionally beautiful models designed in 3D graphic.

Miss Digital World's competition is looking for the contemporary ideal beauty, which is closely linked to a virtual reality. Created by Franz Cerami, media event designer and creator of Panorami Sintetici, Monumedia and Corto Circuito, the competition is promoted by Monumedia srl and is aimed in attracting people from all over the world and every sector. Miss Digital World, Internet-based 3D event, is intended to attract digital artists, advertising agencies, cinema production companies and videogame programmers.

The competition can be downloaded from the site, where 39 models from Germany, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, USA, Chile, India, Australia, Brazil, France, Norway competed for the title.

Due to a user-rights agreement between Monumedia and an international telecommunication providers, the model images will be available for sale via mms in mobile phones in Chile, Norway and Sweden. The competition lasts 12 months and only 40 will be picked for the finals.

The model with more votes received by the jury has been crowned Miss Digital World in The author of the 3D graphic model will receive an award of $5,000.

For the next competition, MDW and Efrontier have created the new software, Miss Digital World Vol. 1, that allows users to create the virtual model without being too technical. Miss Digital World Vol.1 is available on the MDW and Efrontier websites.

The other news of this year is the creation of a new company that will produce advertising with 3D testimonials. The company is a joint venture between Monumedia and Nitrofilm, a movies production house.

The jury is composed of 3D designer Alceu Baptistao, producer Fabrizio Funtò and special effects supervisor Anthony La Molinara.

For more information, contact Monumedia at +39 081 4104401 or e-mail

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