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Meyer Rejoins VFX Team At Zoic

Visual effects artist Steve Meyer joins Zoic studios in Culver City, California to work on the television series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and TWILIGHT ZONE as well as commercial and broadcast projects. Meyer joins Zoic from Radium, where he collaborated with Andrew Orloff, Loni Peristere, Steve Schofield and Chris Jones who launched Zoic in the fall of 2002. At Radium, Meyer did visual effects for Re/Max, McDonalds, Best Western, Chevy and Budweiser, as well as music videos for Sheryl Crow and Linkin Park. Meyer also worked on SMALLVILLE, BUFFY and HBO Films LIVE FROM BAGHDAD. Prior to Radium, Meyer was at 525 Studios, where he began his effects career in 1993. In just a short while Zoic Studios has become a leading visual effects and CG animation house in the commercials, music videos, feature film and episodic television arenas. Projects include TV's ANGEL, TWILIGHT ZONE and FIREFLY, as well as music videos for Linkin Park, DMX and Mudvayne. For more on Zoic, check out

Loni Peristere discusses how he and three other partners created new effects studioZoic for television, which now works on such hits as Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.