Search form Brings In Film-Buyer Reweda

METV.COM, a new Internet video-on-demand company, opens its feature film

licensing drive with the arrival of veteran film-buyer JOHN REWEDA as vice

president of content acquisition. "John's (Reweda) expertise will play a

key role in establishing contact with the leading movie studios and

independents as we move toward our June 2000 consumer launch date," said

Martin French, senior vice president. Reweda will help the

fledgling business develop and obtain content for its Web site,

which is the delivery platform for phase one streaming movies, a

merchandise mall and a movie database. The company already has alliances

with Microsoft Broadband's Jump-start Initiative,, interVU and

iBEAM. Since 1975, Reweda has filled increasingly senior positions with

American Multi Cinema, Inc, moving up from general manager for operations

at the AMC University Square Theaters to head film buyer for the Western

division to vice president film buyer, where his responsibilities included

negotiating contracts with key distributors.

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