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A Message From God - Coming Soon To A Store Near You

Orlando animation production company A&S Animation, Inc., has produced a series of animated bible story shorts called A MESSAGE FROM GOD. Created by Emmy Award winning producers J&B DiFrancesco, the shorts will be included in Raven Moon Entertainment's new video release called GINA D'S KIDS CLUB. Based on the DiFrancescos concept of having two animated kids telling bible stories, Mark Simon of A&S Animation, Inc. developed and produced the three one-minute shorts telling the stories of Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, and Adam and Eve. The animations each have two distinctive styles. "I wanted the look of the show to stand out," said producer Mark Simon, who also acted as animator on the shorts. "The kids are animated in a classic fashion and the biblical stories are done in a crayon-colored, paper-cut-out style, almost as if the kids did the animation themselves. GINA D'S KIDS CLUB will be released in December 2001 and Raven Moon Entertainment is giving a portion of the profits from the sales of the video to the American Red Cross disaster fund.