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In Memory of Mary Kay Bergman

A sad cloud has eclipsed the world of animation since the passing ofbeloved voice-over actress, Mary Kay Bergman. She recently has provided thevoice for Daphne Blake in the two most recent Scooby-Doo direct-to-videoflicks; Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in "Batman: Subzero"; the "official" voicefor Disney's Snow White; and all but one of the female voices on ComedyCentral's "South Park." Many questions surrounding the details of herpassing have surfaced since fans have logged onto her Web site which onlyreads "In Memoriam. Mary Kay Bergman. (1961-1999)." After speaking withMrs. Bergman's attorney, Animation World Magazine is sad to report thatMrs. Bergman's official cause of death has been ruled a suicide. Mrs.Bergman took her own life on Thursday, November 11, 1999 in her West LosAngeles home. She is survived by her mother, Patrica McGowen and husbandDino Andrade. Mr. Andrade will make a official statement in the up-comingdays and a memorial will be announced in the near future. We will keep fansand well wishers informed on any new information we receive about thistragic event. We will all miss this talented woman.

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