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In Memory of Darris Dobbs

Darris Dobbs, a well known and respected 3D/CGI writer and artist, died

peacefully at home on November 24, 1999, never having recovered from a

respiratory virus. He was 37. Darris contributed to Visual Magic Magazine

on a number of occasions, as well as writing a number of books for Charles

River Media Publishing (including ANIMATING FACIAL FEATURES AND

EXPRESSIONS, and the recently published TRUESPACE 3 & 4 CREATURE

CREATIONS). He also founded his own business -- HieroglyFX Design -- a

graphics company that grew through Darris' overwhelming knowledge of

technology and the animal world, his artistic talent, and his passion for

the computer graphics world. As he was to so many computer graphics artists

and enthusiasts, Darris was also an inspiration to his 11-year-old daughter

Amanda, to whom he devoted much of his time. Darris' family have set up a

trust fund for Amanda's education -- anyone wishing to do so can make

donations at Below is a selection of articles Darris

wrote for Visual Magic Magazine. His commentary and coverage of the

computer graphics and film industry will be greatly missed.

* Squeaky Clean Digital Effects An interview with Mary Lynn Machado, CG Supervisor for Rhythm & Hues, about

her work on Mousehunt.

* A Conversation with Eric Merritt from Zygote, the small 3D modeling

company with the big reputation.

* A Conversation with Peter Ryce, Alias|Wavefront's Maya product manager,

discussing the development of Maya.

* Size Does Matter -- But So Does Teamwork An interview with Volker Engel, Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor of

Independence Day and Godzilla.

* Viewpoint Tackles a Monster of a Modeling Challenge An interview with Walter Noot, who is Vice President of Production at

Viewpoint, concentrating on the models built for Godzilla.

* The Armageddon Story An interview with more than 8 visual effects houses and personnel that

worked on Armageddon.

* PDI: Antz in Their Pantz PDI tell us about their experiences creating Antz.

* The Computer Games Developers Conference Darris Dobbs reflects on the happening's of the Computer Games Developers


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