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Megaman Premieres At E3 And On Kids' WB!

MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR premieres on the U.S. airwaves May 17, 2003 on Kids' WB! following a special preview at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles May 1416, 2003 where CAPCOM was showcasing the game series. Based on the popular comic book series, MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR is set in the not-so-distant future during the Cyber Revolution of the year 200X, where virtually all technology is linked to a central computer system. Citizens of ACDC Town interface with this network using their personal "NetNavis" (Net Navigators) via their portable terminals (PETs). The anime/adventure series follows the discoveries and exploits of fifth-grader Lan, whose NetNavi - and alter ego- is a blue-suited, virus-fighting, virtual superhero named Mega Man. Lan and his friends plug in different powerchips to change their personal NetNavis' gadgetry and defense capabilities. These net-warriors unite to expose the darkness within their digital universe. For the latest shows on Kids' WB! check out

This high-marquee property has captivated millions of fans in Japan for 15 years via a hugely-successful comic book series inspired by a MEGAMAN video game, as well as a trading card game series. CAPCOM was showing scenes from the upcoming game at E3 featuring a 3D action-role playing adventure, MEGAMAN NETWORK TRANSMISSION. The new game is coming out later this year for GameCube. To date, MEGAMAN is one of the most popular comics in the CoroCoro comic series by Shogakukan with monthly sales of more than 1.5 million copies. The TV series has been airing in Japan on TV Tokyo since March 2002, MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR is a top-rated animated television series produced by ShoPro Entertainment.

ShoPro Entertainment, the U.S. producer for Japan-based Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd. (ShoPro), has brought multi-billion dollar properties and highly-rated Japanese television series, including HAMTARO, INUYASHA and CORRECTOR YUI to broadcasters around the world. ShoPro Entertainment and ShoPro are both subsidiaries of Shogakukan Inc., one of Japan's largest publishing companies. For more information on ShoPro Entertainment and its properties visit