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Meet Maurice Noble!

Noble is responsible for the great backgrounds of the Road Runner cartoons,DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24 1/2 CENTURY, DUCK AMUCK, WHAT'S OPERA, DOC?, etc.(He is also credited as co-director with Chuck Jones on several late WarnerBros. shorts, including the odd NOW HEAR THIS!) Between screenings of thecartoons (the way they were meant to be seen...on the BIG SCREEN), Mr.Noble will talk about his work and his approach to layout. The event takesplace Saturday, August 21 at The Grand Lake Theater at 3200 Grand Avenue inOakland, California, USA. It is accessible from I-580. For more informationTel. (510) 452-3556. The event takes place 8-10 am (that's right, in themorning), and is sponsored by The Learning Company.