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Maya For Mac OS X Now Available

Alias|Wavefront, an SGI company, announced that Maya for Mac OS X has shipped. This much anticipated release of the 3D animation and effects software package on the Macintosh platform will make 3D graphics more accessible to professional graphics artists. With this first release of Maya for Mac OS X, all of Maya Complete becomes native to the Macintosh. Features unique to this version include support for QuickTime, tear off menus in the hot box, and a fully Aqua interface. Alias|Wavefront is offering a special order promotion that will continue until the end of the year. Those ordering the Mac OS X version of Maya before December 31, 2001 will be entitled to receive twelve-months of maintenance, which includes product upgrades and support. The retail price of Maya Complete for Mac OS X is $7,500 USD, the same price as Maya Complete for other platforms. International pricing will vary.