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Maya To Keep Buzzing For Nurnberger

To be on the safe side with MAYA THE BEE and her friends, EM.Entertainment has extended the existing license contract with Nurnberger Versicherungsgruppe, ahead of schedule, until 2014. The extension of the co-operation encompasses the marketing of a range of insurance products within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Germany's most well-known bee will continue as the popular figure for a variety of Nurnberger insurance concepts. The scope of the existing license contract has already seen the introduction of the MAYA THE BEE JUNIOR POLICY (original German title BIENE MAJA JUNIOR SCHUTZ BRIEF) in 2003 and the MAYA THE BEE STUDENT POLICY (original German title BIENE MAJA SCHULER SCHUTZ BRIEF) in February 2004. Following the successful launch of these concepts, the Nurnberger developed two further insurance policies in 2006 called the GRANDCHILD POLICY (original German title ENKEL SCHUTZ BRIEF) and ACCIDENT PROTECTION (original German title UNFALLSCHUTZ).

MAYA THE BEE boasts a high degree of recognition across generations, and creates a positive image transfer with her bright, inquisitive and lively character. With her strong and ongoing media presence -- the animation series of the same name has been broadcast on German pubcaster ZDF for more than 30 years -- the bee is just as popular with parents and grandparents as she is with children.