MAXON's CINEMA 4D Module Offers New Toon

"Sketchy" details are a thing of the past as MAXON announces the availability of Sketch and Toon, a new CINEMA 4D module for non-photorealistic output offering technical illustration styles, advanced cartoon cel and artistic rendering technologies. This versatile new module supposedly boasts the most comprehensive feature set of any non-photorealistic renderer on the market.

Artists can choose from many preset styles and various options to achieve the look they desire. This new module provides the ability to draw lines that match geometry accurately, create freehand interpretations, generate distorted styles or produce cloned variations, motion lines or stroke connections.

Sketch and Toon also goes beyond adding simple lines to your work. The faces of 3D objects can be "filled in" with shaded, rendered, colored and textured styles incorporating different shaders such as cel, hatch and artistic. The final result can be delivered in still images, drawn animations or even vector-based Illustrator files.

Sketch and Toon features three different user levels for fast, simple and streamlined workflow. A multitude of presets is included for immediate quality results. More adventurous users can dig deeper into all aspects of functions for ultimate control. User-created styles can also be saved and loaded as presets for later use or sharing with other artists. Video tutorials are also included at no additional cost to further flatten the learning curve and make artists productive in record time.

Sketch and Toon is fully integrated with CINEMA 4D, which not only gives optimum workflow, but also opens up a whole wealth of extra possibilities. CINEMA 4D specific features such as Radiosity can be used in conjunction with Sketch and Toon giving artists even more ways to produce an original result.

MAXON Computer ( develops professional solutions for 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering. Its award-winning products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. The company is located in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt (Germany) and has international offices in Newbury Park, California, Bedford (U.K.) and Tokyo.