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MAXON Updates CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D

As part of its incremental free upgrade program, MAXON Computer is offering CINEMA 4D release 8.2 and BodyPaint 3D release 1.1.

More than two dozen interface and workflow improvements can be found in this latest upgrade for users of CINEMA 4D R8. The material manager presents the greatest advances. More efficient organization of complex projects is possible by consolidating materials into groups. Related materials commonly used throughout a scene are available at the push of a button. Even more screen real estate can be saved by choosing from several display modes, such as icon lists or name lists or both.

To fit every user's workflow needs on a single machine, the menus and layouts can be recorded as customized sets and switched, whenever necessary. To further the workflow enhancements, up to five mouse buttons including the middle mouse button can be assigned to functions. Along with the ability to switch the orbit, these features will make it even easier for users of other 3D applications to get used to CINEMA 4D.

All MAXON customers who have recently taken advantage of the BodyPaint 3D summer special, but are not quite ready to update to release 2 of this 3D painting application, receive an extra bonus: a free update to the older module BodyPaint 3D Release 1.

Apart from ensuring the compatibility with CINEMA 4D R8.2 and maintaining its available new functions, BodyPaint 3D R1.1 also includes a number of its own workflow improvements. An efficiently combined display of materials and layers, asynchronous dialogs for instant feedback as well as new possibilities among the UV-sets are offered.

The display within the editor has also been sped up with the use of OpenGL, while orbiting around the model. During painting the editor automatically switches back to the highest quality software shading available.

MAXON ( develops professional solutions for 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering. Its award-winning products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. The company is located in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt, Germany, and has international offices in Newbury Park, California, Bedford in the U.K. and Tokyo.