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Maxon Supports Kaydara FBX in Cinema 4D

Kaydara Inc. and MAXON Computer GmbH announced full integration of Kaydara's versatile FBX 3D interchange format into the new CINEMA 4D R8.5 upgrade, MAXON's premier high-end 3D modeling and animation tool. Kaydara FBX allows for the universal interchange of 3D data between every major 3D package and a significant number of second-tier applications. Support for FBX in CINEMA 4D gives MAXON users in the film and television industries access to the wealth of content available through Kaydara's extensive network of FBX partners.

MAXON Computer develops professional solutions for 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering. Its award-winning products have been used extensively in film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries.

"Finally, the full import and export of the FBX format is available and should allow users of CINEMA 4D 8.5 and MotionBuilder 5 the best possible interchange of 3D content," said Marco Tillmann, product manager at MAXON Computer. "With the native support of FBX, 3D content creators will be able to integrate CINEMA 4D into their 3D animation pipelines, greatly enhancing the overall production workflow."

FBX has quickly distinguished itself in 3D File Interchange Format. It is a powerful new way to work with 3D content from a wide variety of applications and source material providers. FBX allows users to maximize their content creation pipeline by letting them create cutting edge content without having to worry about inter-package compatibility.

"MAXON Computer and CINEMA 4D are strategic additions to the growing number of FBX partners," said Jean-Jacques Hermans, Kaydara's vp of marketing and business development. "FBX lets 3D artists achieve a new level of flexibility and creativity in their work, and MAXON's tools add a significant functionality to this network of 3D interoperability. The possibilities for doing creative work on time and on budget are practically limitless."

FBX is a binary file format that supports all the major 3D data, as well as 2D, audio, and video media elements, and allows users to maximize their content creation pipeline by letting them create cutting edge content without having to worry about inter-package compatibility. Used for more than five years in production studios worldwide, FBX has proven itself a versatile, accurate and dependable authoring and data transfer format.

Kaydara FBX-CINEMA 4D plug-in is currently available through MAXON's CINEMA 4D R8.5 upgrade. To celebrate this occasion, Kaydara and MAXON have agreed to offer a special deal to their users. Starting Dec.1, 2003 in Europe/Asia and on Jan. 1, 2004 in the Americas, Kaydara andMaxon will ship a bundle and sidegrade deals combining both company's state of the art applications, CINEMA 4D and MOTIONBUILDER. Full details will follow shortly on the MAXON and Kaydara Websites.

Over the course of the past decade, Kaydara Inc. ( has become a leader in the development of realtime 3D animation software solutions for the entertainment industry. Kaydara's product portfolio serves a vast range of clients in the TV, film, game development and Web content industries, including Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Midway Games, Acclaim, Mainframe Entertainment, Capcom and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Kaydara is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

MAXON Computer ( is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. MAXON has offices in Friedrichsdorf (Germany), Newbury Park (California), Bedford (U.K.) and Tokyo.