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Max Howard to Exec Produce Exodus' CGI Feature Igor

Veteran animation exec Max Howard is set to exec produce Exodus Film Groups upcoming CGI-animated film, IGOR, an irreverent comedy with a new twist on the classic mad scientist/monster genre.

Chris McKenna penned the screenplay about a mad scientist's hunchbacked lab assistant who dreams of becoming a mad scientist in his own right and win the coveted first place award at the annual Evil Science Fair.

"IGOR is a wonderful twist on the classic mad scientist story," said Howard. "I am also thrilled about working with a self contained mini-studio such as Exodus, which is not only independently financing the film, but also producing the CGI animation with its talented and award-winning team, ElectroAge."

ElectroAge is Exodus inhouse studio digital artists have won numerous awards for their work, including an Emmy and several Emmy nominations. Projects include: THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST (Hanna-Barbera), ROUGHNECKS STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES (Sony Television), STAR TREK VOYAGER (Paramount) MYSTIC KNIGHTS (Saban), THE VISITOR (20th Century Fox/Centropolis Television) and DEEP RISING (Hollywood Pictures).

"Max has worked on some of the most successful animated films of all time," said Exodus' president John D. Eraklis. "We are excited to have him on board. He joins a terrific roster of producers who bring their unique talents and expertise to our entire slate of films."

Howard was formerly president of Warner Bros. Feature Animation and svp of Disney Feature Animation. During his 12 years at Disney, Howard was one of the senior architects of that company's animation renaissance, collaborating on top films such as WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, THE LITTLE MERMAID, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ALADDIN, POCAHONTAS and THE LION KING.

Howard oversaw the award-winning animated feature THE IRON GIANT and the SPACE JAM at Warner Bros. Founder/chairman/ceo of Melwood Pictures, he helped develop and produce SPIRIT, STALLION OF THE CIMARRON for DreamWorks, and is producing the animated film, THE SPIRIT BEAR, a story about Canada's near-extinct white kermode bear. Howard also sits on the board of directors of SecondSun Entertainment in Canada.

Venice, California-based Exodus Film Group ( was founded in 2001 to create a one-stop entertainment company capable of producing content equal in quality to the studios and networks on a realistic budget. Exodus acquires and develops intellectual properties, taking them from inception to distribution.

In addition to IGOR, Exodus' slate of films includes: PAUL BUNYAN AND BABE THE BLUE OX, 55 HOLLY STAR and MY LIFE WITH 3 WOMEN. IGOR, along with 55 HOLLY STAR and MY LIFE WITH 3 WOMEN, is being financed by a film fund launched by Exodus earlier this year.

Set in modern times, PAUL BUNYAN AND BABE THE BLUE OX is a live-action family adventure film adaptation of the legend of Paul Bunyan, featuring the voice of Eddie Griffin (DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILY, SCARY MOVIE 3, PINOCCHIO, UNDERCOVER BROTHER) as the CGI-animated Babe. The team includes Executive Producer Tarquin Gotch (HOME ALONE, DUTCH, CURLY SUE) and award-winning composer Basil Poledouris (BLUE LAGOON, LES MISERABLES, THE JUNGLE BOOK, FREE WILLY 1 & 2).

55 Holly Star is a Capra-esque tale of a young down-on-his-luck salesman whose life changes dramatically after a near death experience. Written and directed by Michael A. Nickles (THIS IS NOT A FILM), the film is a whimsical, comedic adventure of one man's desperate attempts to uncover a forgotten childhood memory that contains clues to buried treasure. Chris Weitz (AMERICAN PIE films, ABOUT A BOY, DOWN TO EARTH) will exec produce.

An adventure/comedy based on a true story, MY LIFE WITH THREE WOMEN, follows a Santa Barbara, California man whose midlife crisis leads him to set sail on the open seas in search of a life change. An advertisement for one crewman inadvertently results in his ending up with three crew-women onboard. The team includes exec producer Peter Faiman (FERNGULLY: THE LAST RAINFOREST, DUTCH, CROCODILE DUNDEE) and producer TARQUIN GOTCH (HOME ALONE, DUTCH, CURLY SUE).