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MassMarket Teams with Biscuit for Fox Sports

MassMarket and director Mike Maguire collaborate with Biscuit Films on the latest campaign for Fox Sports.

MassMarket and director Mike Maguire came together with Biscuit Films on the latest campaign for Fox Sports, releasing two comical spots for this year’s college football season,”The Gus Effect” and “Bomb Disposal.”

The “Gus Effect” shows two fans as they discover the impressive difference between watching football on Fox Sports versus any other channel. Working closely with the director and the agency team from Fox, MassMarket was able to create visual metaphors for the excitement and transformative powers of great sports commentating.

“The transitions primarily relied on match cuts, so great care was taken by Mike and director of photography, Matthew Lloyd, to ensure that the action and shot compositions matched as closely as possible from one environment to the other,” said VFX Supervisor, Andy Jones. Once the shots were captured, MassMarket applied subtle visual changes to help the performances align as closely as possible, and to combine parts of multiple takes to help create the tightest possible narrative.

In “Bomb Disposal” the camera puts viewers in USC’s press box with sports announcers Gus Johnson and Charles Davis. As the actions heats up in the beginning of the second half smoke starts to rise from Gus’s neck, revealing that he is actually a ticking bomb. The camera cuts between Gus and an arriving SWAT team who burst in just a little too late.

“To help build the tension in the spot, MassMarket added ever increasing amounts of smoke and sparks to the shots of Gus, building up to the big explosion,” noted Jones. “MassMarket also provided the stadium crowds seen out the window of Gus and Charles’ pressbox.”

For the explosion itself, production provided some truly impressive effects elements shot against a black background and captured some parts of the set in camera. The different elements were at last composited together to build the final shot.

Source: MassMarket