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Massive Muti-Player Star Wars Goes On-Line

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC announced it has teamed with Verant Interactive Inc. and Sony On-line Entertainment to create the first massive multi-player STAR WARS on-line role-playing game. Gameplay will jettison players into a unique combination of combat, specialized missions and daring quests. The STAR WARS on-line game will be developed by Verant, distributed and sold at retail stores by LucasArts, and available for play exclusively on-line at The This alliance partners together three of the foremost companies in the interactive entertainment industry. LucasArts has produced successful titles from its STAR WARS franchise since 1991. Verant is the creator of EVERQUEST, one of the most successful multi-player on-line games. Sony On-line Entertainment produces and distributes on-line games and gameshows targeted to mainstream consumers and game enthusiasts, including EVERQUEST. "The combined expertise of LucasArts, Verant, and Sony On-line Entertainment will bring to gameplayers an incredibly dynamic on-line gaming experience worthy of STAR WARS," said Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. "The immensity and richness of the Star Wars universe lends itself ideally to a game of this nature," added Jeffery. "We couldn't possibly ask for a better universe in which to create a massively multi-player game, " said president and CEO of Verant, John Smedley. "STAR WARS offers such an incredible amount of depth and detail that we'll be able to create a place for fans to feel right at home. This game is going to be incredible!" added Smedley. "STAR WARS on-line will be a phenomenon that transforms on-line gaming for both gamers and casual game players," says Lisa Simpson, president of Sony On-line Entertainment. "It is a great addition to the blue chip brands our audience has come to enjoy at The Station. We are delighted to work with LucasArts and continue our close association with Verant Interactive."

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