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Marlin Studios Releases People N Motion

Graphics studio and publisher Marlin Studios released PEOPLE N MOTION, two new libraries in its series of texture libraries created for use by 2D and 3D graphics artists. The texture maps can be used in any 3D program that makes use of animated textures, and can be composited onto backgrounds in 2D programs. No special software is required beyond the user's particular 2D or 3D program. Each PEOPLE N MOTION library has a set of sequential animation files that allows the graphics user to create the illusion of moving or standing people. According to company president Tom Marlin, PEOPLE N MOTION was based on client requests. "Over the years, we've had constant requests for some sort of clip mapped people textures to add to 2D and 3D scenes. Then with the explosion of 3D in the architectural industry, the demand became even stronger. It seems everyone wants people in their scenes, and they want them to move like real people in flybys and walkthroughs." The two libraries are PEOPLE N MOTION -- BUSINESS ATTIRE and PEOPLE N MOTION -- CASUAL ATTIRE. Each library has two CD-Roms with 77 total photographed characters included in 69 looping animations. Each library contains 32 animations, with one or more photographed people in each animation. A bonus set of seven animations is included with each library. There is even a character included that everyone needs -- an animated Elvis impersonator. Marlin Studios PEOPLE N MOTION libraries each sell for $299 or they can be purchased together for $499. To download sample images, get complete product information or to order, visit the Marlin Studios Website at