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Mark Fleischer Named President Of Mainframe, U.S.A

Canadian computer animation studio Mainframe Entertainment, Inc has appointed Mark Fleischer president of its Los Angeles-based subsidiary, Mainframe, U.S.A. In this newly-created position, Fleischer will spearhead the expansion of the companys presence in Los Angeles, with the goal of positioning Mainframe to more effectively pursue opportunities within Los Angeles and the U.S. Fleischer first began working with Mainframe while he was president of Fleischer Studios, Inc. in Los Angeles. The two companies recently joined forces to develop and produce a new animated television series based on the classic cartoon icon Betty Boop, a creation of Max Fleischer, Marks grandfather. For the last two years, in addition to presiding over Fleischer Studios, Mark Fleischer has also been serving as managing partner of the Los Angeles office of the New York law firm Squadron, Ellenoff, Plesent and Sheinfeld, LLP. Previously, Fleischer held the post of executive VP, entertainment business development at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. (MGM), where he was responsible for identifying and developing sources of financing for motion pictures, structuring and negotiating distribution, financing and co-production arrangements as well as maintaining and administrating the studios film and television library.

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