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The March Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Coming Next Week

March is technology month. In this issue we will be discussing what the future will be like for the high-end computer hardware/software companies. Have their glory days passed? Are they just releasing new software versions to release new product or are these true advancements? Do studios need all of these versions? Due to previous advancements are studios now comfortably doing more with less due to the high-end/low-end technology blur and proprietary software? How does the cost of retraining factor into these decisions? Karl Marx said that capitalism was doomed to a circle of producing product for the sake of producing this what is happening in the hardware/software world today? Led by Bruce Manning, these will be a few of the topics we tackle. We are also going to look at how software packages are being altered to accommodate bringing animation to the Web.

Martin Goodman is going to look back at John K.'s landmark series, "Ren and Stimpy," which has inspired a generation of artists. Gerard Raiti is focusing on the new trend of taking small screen animation hits to the big screen. From the "Recess" gang to Rugrats to Powerpuff Girls, they are all getting their turn to shine on the big screen. Chris Robinson will be providing us with yet another Animation Pimp rave and a profile of independent filmmaker Piotr Sapegin. In event reviews, we will hear from "Romanov's" Chris Lanier about his recent trip to Sundance, the latest cool stuff at Toy Fair in New York and the news and views of NATPE. Also, Fred Patten will return with five more anime faves.

A full Table of Contents will be available at