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Marc Petit Leaves Autodesk

Marc Petit, head of Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment division, departs the company to pursue other initiatives.

Marc Petit

Marc Petit, head of Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment division, has departed the company to pursue other initiatives, According to the Immersed in Movies blog by AWN contributor Bill Desowitz. Petit served as SVP since 2002, after working at Softimage for nearly a decade.

According to a statement from Autodesk, Petit will be leaving the company this month: “Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk SVP of Reputation, Consumer and Education, will act as the head of the M&E product group while we search for Marc's replacement, while Marc Stevens and Chris Young will continue to lead the individual M&E product management and product development teams respectively. Stig Gruman, VP of M&E Worldwide Sales and Mark Strassman, VP of M&E Industry Strategy and Marketing will continue to run sales and marketing as before.”

Petit’s departure follows a reorganization announced in August that saw 500 staffers laid off, and third quarter revenue results that were down nine percent from the previous year.

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