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Make way for more H.R. PUFNSTUF, SIGMUND, and LAND OF THE LOST videos

As we reported, on June 1 Rhino Home Video released THE WORLD OF SID &MARTY KROFFT, a three-volume set that included one episode from everyKrofft Saturday morning show. Now on July 20 the kooky shows of Sid & MartyKrofft will once again find their way into American living rooms with thehome video release of individual episodes of H.R. PUFNSTUF, SIGMUND & THESEA MONSTERS, LAND OF THE LOST, BUGALOOS, LIDSVILLE, and FAR OUT SPACENUTS. While these shows are mostly live-action (the primary exception isLAND OF THE LOST which includes some stop-motion animation), they appeal tomany fans of cartoons. Each video is packaged with a collectable iron-ontransfer from the show. The titles include the following:

H.R. PUFNSTUF: VOLUME 1"The Stand-In" - Witchiepoo captures Freddy, but Pufnstuf hatches a plot torescue him. Puf's sister Shirley visits the island to make a movie and Pufarranges to have the director cast the witch as a stand-in to distract herattention so Jimmy can sneak into the castle. "The Golden Key" - Jimmy buysa map from Ludicrous Lion that shows the location of the Golden Key, whichfits into the Golden Door, a secret way off Living Island. To divertJimmy's escape, Witchiepoo captures Pufnstuf and holds him in her dungeon.

H.R. PUFNSTUF: VOLUME 2"The Birthday Party" - Witchiepoo invites herself to Jimmy's surprisebirthday party and steals Freddy by rendering the partygoers helpless withlaughing gas."The Box Kite Kaper" - Ludicrous Lion sponsors a kite-flying contest in hisscheme to sell kites, giving Puf an idea. Jimmy and Freddy will attempt tofly away from Living Island in a giant box kite-that is until Witchiepoogets wind of their scheme!

SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS: VOLUME 1"Happy Birthdaze" - Sigmund secretly cleans the house for the boys on thesheriff's birthday, but Blurb and Slurp mess it up when they kidnap him toclean their cave. To rescue Siggy, Johnny and Scott trick the brothers intobelieving the cave is about to be hit by a tidal wave."The Nasty Nephew" - Aunt Zelda's annoying nephew comes to visit and causesnothing but trouble for Johnny and Scott, but he isn't prepared to beterrorized by a family of sea monsters when he wanders into their cave.

SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS: VOLUME 2"Monster Rock Festival" - Sigmund's family needs him back to help win aMonster Rock Concert because he is their best singer."Ghoul School Days" - Blurb and Slurp don't want to go back to ghoulschool, but one of the Ooze boys has to attend so they try to trick Sigmundinto taking their place.

LAND OF THE LOST: VOLUME 1"The Stranger" - A stranger appears claiming to be a forefather of theSleestacks and fights the Marshall family over the Majetti (a dimensionmechanism) that will return them to their own time. In the end, Rick givesthe key to someone who needs it more."Tag Team" - Holly and Will are saved from an attack by a T-Rex and anallosaur.

LAND OF THE LOST: VOLUME 2"The Search" - Will passes up an opportunity to return to Earth, refusingto leave his injured father behind."The Paku Who Came To Dinner" - Cha-Ka follows Will and Holly home to theircave and, after smelling Rick's good cooking, decides to stay permanently.

BUGALOOS: VOLUME 1"The Love Bugaloos" - Sparky has a crush on a lady firefly named Gina. TheBugaloos play Cupid to get them together, but bitter Benita tries everydirty trick in the book to keep them apart."If I Had The Wings Of A Bugaloo" - While the other Bugaloos are at aconcert, Benita captures IQ to transplant his wings onto her surgically.

LIDSVILLE: VOLUME 1"Let's Hear It For Whizzo" - Hoo Doo evicts the Good Hats for not payingtheir taxes. Mark and Weenie return to find the Good Hats gone and theirhomes occupied by the Bad Hats."Is There A Mayor In The House?" - The Hat People decide to elect a mayorto lead them in their fight against Hoo Doo. Everyone enters the race.

FAR OUT SPACE NUTS: VOLUME 1"Tower Of Tagot" - While Junior and Barney are on another planet, thebeautiful Queen of the Serrians becomes imprisoned high in the Tower ofTagot."Secrets Of Hexagon" - Junior and Barney get tricked into trading theirship for a mysterious hexagon key that supposedly operates a duplicatingmachine that can make a new spaceship to get them home.