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Mainframe will develop SCARY GODMOTHER

Vancouver, Canada-based Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. has announced anoption agreement with Sirius Entertainment to develop a computer animatedtelevision and direct-to-video series based on comic book artist/writerJill Thompson's SCARY GODMOTHER comic books. SCARY GODMOTHER was firstpublished by Sirius Entertainment for Hallowe'en, 1997 as a hardcovergraphic novel. Since then Sirius has published a new graphic novel everyHallowe'en in addition to black and white one-shot comic books at othertimes of the year. SCARY GODMOTHER is the story of little Hannah Marie andher adventures on Halloween when she meets her very own Scary Godmother.Mainframe Entertainment is the producer of television series such asREBOOT, BEAST WARS - TRANSFORMERS, and WAR PLANETS and will debut itsnewest series, WEIRD-OHS and BEAST MACHINES this fall on YTV in Canada andFox Family Channel and Fox Kids Network, respectively, in the U.S.