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Mainframe & Studio B To Begin Co-Production

Mainframe Entertainment and Studio B Productions have announced that the two Vancouver animation studios are entering into a co-production agreement to develop an original series utilizing both traditional and computer animation. Mainframe CEO Ian Pearson said, "We've admired Studio B's work for some time and were looking for a partner in the traditional animation realm to co-produce projects that combine 2D and 3D animation techniques. With Studio B as partners we believe we'll be able to achieve the perfect blend of the two types of animation to produce a new level of entertainment." Studio B Productions partner Chris Bartleman said, "Since its inception Mainframe has been a world leader in 3D animation. With our new partnership we now have the opportunity to combine a perfect set of complementary skills between our companies and to create a fresh, innovative style of programming for the international market." Mainframe Entertainment created the first 3D animated TV series, REBOOT, and currently produces the TV series ACTION MAN and HEAVY GEAR. In addition, Mainframe has recently finished the upcoming 3D direct-to-video feature, CASPER'S HAUNTED CHRISTMAS. Studio B Productions produces such shows as YVON OF THE YUKON (YTV), WHAT ABOUT MIMI? (Teletoon) and D'MYNA LEAGUES (CTV starting in January 2001).

Find out more about Mainframe and its work on CASPER'S HAUNTED CHRISTMAS in Animation World Magazine.

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