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Mainframe & MTV Team On Gatecrasher Series

Mainframe Entertainment and MTV have announced they have begun development on the sci-fi comic TV series GATECRASHER. The half-hour CGI series is designed and written by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor and Mark Waid and is produced in association with Black Bull Entertainment. The show centers around the story of Alec Wagner, a college student who is half-human, half alien and a full time member of the Split-Second Squad, a secret alien army that protects Earth from alien attacks. Dan DiDio, Mainframe Entertainment's senior VP of creative affairs, said, "I've watched Gatecrasher grow from concept to comic, and am looking forward to seeing it evolve into a quality sci-fi animated series. We are very excited about the opportunity to develop the show with MTV and have very high hopes for its future." Abby Terkuhle, president, MTV Animation, said, "At MTV, our goal is to push the envelope of animation with new technology and formats. Mainframe Entertainment is an industry leader in cutting edge computer animation and we are very happy about this new relationship."

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