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Mainframe Lands At NATPE With Two New Properties

Vancouver-based computer animation studio Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. is bringing two new animated projects to this year's NATPE: ALIEN LEGION and MAXINE 5. ALIEN LEGION, based on the cult comic book series created by Carl Potts, follows the futuristic exploits of the Legion's Force Nomad and its multi-species ranks of alien legionnaires. Culled from the unwanted of three galaxies, legionnaires are the expendable shock troops and peacekeepers of the new intergalactic realm. MAXINE 5 tells the story of a determined twelve year-old girl who enters the competitive world of futuristic video game car racing. At NATPE Mainframe Entertainment will be located in the Canada Pavilion, Booth 632.

Since their first 3D CGI television show, the groundbreaking REBOOT, Mainframe Entertainment has been producing quality children's television. Don Perro goes for a tour and finds they are working on more than television now.