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Mainframe Brings Girl Power And Fuzzy Wubbies To Licensing 2002

Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. is previewing two distinct new properties this June at the Licensing Show 2002. The preschool series WUBBIES was developed by John Martin Mokrenko and Christine Usvaltas, and Mainframe Entertainment will bring the cast of furry Wubbies to life. Joy Tashjian, president of Joy Tashjian Marketing Group, Mainframe's agency of record for property representation will be promoting the product line potential of this property at this year's Licensing Show in New York. "WUBBIES is a fantastical and lighthearted property that educates young audiences by taking them on an adventure where imagination is the key," said Tashjian. Also represented by Tashjian is another Mainframe property, this one aimed at tween girls. DOT'S BOTS is set in the futuristic Turbo City, where Dorothy Dill (Dot to her friends) uses her mechanical genius to create robots, which she keeps secret from everyone but her pesky brother Arnie. The series is currently being developed by Mainframe Entertainment.