Magneto Gets Next X-Men Spinoff

Twentieth Century Fox has hired Sheldon Turner to pen a Magneto spinoff film from the X-MEN franchise, reports VARIETY. This will be the second film spun off from the series with Fox previously greenlighting WOLVERINE to be written by Troy scribe David Benioff. Ian McKellen has played the angry mutant leader in the X-MEN features, however the spinoff will be a prequel dealing with the characters experiences as a boy during World War II. The Prof. X character will also make an appearance as an allied soldier who frees the prisoners of the concentration camps and befriends Magneto.

Turner has been making his lifeblood of late in Hollywood, working on prequels and remakes. He penned a prequel to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and has written drafts of the remakes of THE LONGEST YARD and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR.

20th Century Fox president Hutch Parker and svp Alex Young will oversee the spin-offs as well as X-MEN 3, which is being written by Simon Kinberg. X-MEN producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel Studios head Avi Arad are more than likely to shepherd the spinoffs as well.

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