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Madagascar Escapes to DVD

This years box office animation champ, MADAGASCAR, comes to DVD (DreamWorks Home Ent., $29.99) on Nov. 15, 2005, bolstered by the new short featuring those wacky penguins and a slew of other bonus features. MADAGASCAR, directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, introduced a lot more squash-and-stretch to the DreamWorks Animation arsenal, courtesy of new isolation rigs, especially in the spine and shoulder, creating elastic pajamas. Contributing to the wow factor, were realistic and stylized environments inspired by Henry Rousseau, including the Madagascar jungle itself, which contained 14,000 plants.

Meanwhile, you can bet that THE MADAGASCAR PENGUINS IN A CHRISTMAS CAPER, directed by Gary Trousdale, will be a legitimate Oscar contender, as the penguins try to rescue one of their own during a Christmas Eve adventure.

Bonus features include:

* Escape with untamed games and jungle activities for the whole family!* Get the inside scoop with featurettes Behind the Crates, The Tech of Madagascar and Mad Mishaps* Digital locations tour* I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVIE IT music video* Help the Penguins Crack the Code for a special surprise