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Macromedia & Intel Team To Bring Flash To Mobile Devices

Macromedia, Inc. has teamed with Intel Corporation to optimize the Macromedia Flash Player for the Intel XScale microarchitecture utilizing the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP). As a result of this partnership, users will be able to experience high quality MP3 audio when playing Macromedia Flash content on devices built using Intel applications processors. The optimized code will be available to device manufacturers for use with the Macromedia Flash Player Software Development Kit (SDK) later this year. "Device manufacturers and developers see Macromedia Flash as the best way to deliver engaging content in a small, compact file that downloads quickly," said Peter Goldie, general manager, Macromedia. "The optimized Intel IPP allows us to improve upon this experience with highly compressed MP3 audio, not only improving the sound quality of Macromedia Flash content on devices but making the files as small as possible." Mike Iannitti, director of marketing, Intel's Handheld Computing Division, said, "Leading companies like Macromedia demonstrate the commitment of the industry to the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA) as an optimal framework for developing wireless Internet clients. With this collaboration, device manufacturers supporting the Intel XScale microarchitecture and Intel StrongARM* processor will benefit from the large community of Macromedia Flash developers authoring compelling multimedia content for their handheld products."

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