Macromedia And Alias|Wavefront Team For 3December

3D software provider Alias|Wavefront plans to assemble 3D artists from the film, video, game development, Web design, visualization and industrial design sectors in seven separate host cities around the world on December 3, 2001. The 3December event is an annual celebration designed to build a community amongst computer graphics professionals and those with an interest in learning from the industry's top talent and seeing the latest technological advancements. This year the free of charge event will take place in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, London, Tokyo and Seoul. Macromedia will join Alias|Wavefront to unveil the company's latest innovation in 3D technology -- a new offering that builds upon the June release of Maya Shockwave 3D Exporter. Numerous guest presenters will be on the evening's agenda at all venues. Presenters include artists and designers from such renowned facilities as ILM, Fisher-Price, PDI/DreamWorks, Kleiser-Walczak, GM and Angel Studios. Projects such as Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, innovative toy design, Shrek, The One, Chevy SSR Concept Vehicle and Transworld Surf will be discussed. In addition to the free of charge 3December festivities, fee-based Maya seminars will be offered at the Los Angeles, Chicago, London and Tokyo venues. These intermediate to advanced level seminars will be comprised of technical training sessions on specific features of Alias|Wavefront software. The seminar program will offer an in-depth look at many aspects of Maya and will be delivered by industry professionals and Alias|Wavefront product experts. To register to attend a 3December event in any of the host cities, or to receive further programming specifics (including each city's schedule, itinerary and event times), visit