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EA has teamed with to create a completely original mini-series based on MEDAL OF HONOR AIRBORNE. Recorded in high-definition and completely in-game, PATHFINDERS tells the story of the 82nd Airborne Pathfinders as they go deep behind enemy lines.

The six-episode series reveals the tense moments before each of the major Airborne invasions represented in MEDAL OF HONOR AIRBORNE. Sent in to secure drop zones, Pathfinders were called upon to undertake missions that no other units would even consider. Their actions ensured that Airborne infantry troops would have a greater chance for survival after bringing the war to the enemy's front doorstep.

To create this new series, a team of Machinima artists, writers and directors are working closely with AIRBORNE's development team. Once creative decisions are plotted out, episodes are "filmed" just like a real movie would be, but completely in the virtual sets of MEDAL OF HONOR AIRBORNE's gameplay maps. With actors playing their roles, and a director using his first person view as a camera, the creative team at Machinima record the story shot for shot, tracking each other's motions, playing their roles as stealthy 82nd Airborne Pathfinders or as lethal Axis soldiers. Action sequences are meticulously assembled, often times recording a single shot dozens of times to get just the desired effect.

When everyone's pleased with their performances, all of the footage is pulled together and edited into a final movie. Machinima artists add credits, dialogue and give the episode custom audio mixing, which includes music from the MEDAL OF HONOR AIRBORNE score, composed by Michael Giacchino.

The first episode of PATHFINDERS chronicles the recon mission in Adanti, just minutes before Operations Husky. A MEDAL OF HONOR AIRBORNE demo is available available for download today.

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