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Lustre Digital Color Grading System Shines Worldwide

Autodesks Discreet Lustre digital color grading system has been adopted by more than 15 additional post-production facilities and film studios. The Lustre system is being used on several upcoming feature films, including KING KONG, STAY, PENNY DREADFUL and DOMINO.

"Once I saw what the Lustre system is capable of, I quickly retired my previous color corrector," said Preston Kuntz, ceo of Karma Bank (Hollywood). "Lustre is by far the best system around, with the most sophisticated grading and color correction tools. We can now grade digital intermediates and HD digital media with the most comprehensive toolset in the industry. Autodesk also has the industry's best workflow solution. It saves us time and time is money." Karma Bank is a boutique facility offering digital trailer, digital intermediate, post-production and video online services. Clients include numerous independent filmmakers and production companies, such as Paramount Classics, Fox Searchlight and New Market Films.

New Lustre system customers in Europe include the U.K.s BBC Resources and Capital FX, The Documentary and Feature Film Studio (WFD) in Poland and film studio Mosfilm Cinema Concern in Russia. Capital FX invested in the Discreet Lustre system and Discreet Smoke editing/finishing system for its new digital grading theater. The systems were purchased through Autodesk's systems reseller XTFX.

"We chose Lustre because it's a proven digital grading system with an established worldwide user base," said Stuart Holloway, senior colorist at Capital FX. "It was the most flexible of all the systems we looked at and offered the best all-round solution. We also like the fact that it is a dedicated color grading system."

Capital FX has used the Lustre system to complete the grading and conform for a short film called THE BRIDGE, visual effects and titles for the British feature DEAD MAN'S CARDS and, most recently, the U.S. movie ASYLUM. After ASYLUM was re-cut, Capital FX was charged with fixing splices and grading the added material. When director David Mackenzie and director of photography Giles Nuttgens saw the impressive work Capital FX was doing, they requested that Capital FX regrade the entire film using the Lustre system.

WFD in Poland invested in the Lustre and Smoke systems for its new digital intermediate workflow. "Lustre is a great system with a great toolset," said Wlodimierz Niderhaus, gm of documentary and feature film studio, WFD. "It offers not only amazing color tools but also creative lighting solutions that are demanded by [DPs] who, until now, have been used to working in the traditional optical way." The systems were purchased through BoneheadZ and its Polish reseller partner JBD PPHU.

Russia's largest filmmaking company, Mosfilm, purchased a Lustre system through BoneheadZ and its Moscow reseller, Tivionica. Founded in 1923, Mosfilm is one of the largest studios in Europe, providing services for the complete film production cycle from script to final print. "We chose Lustre because it's a world-class system that will help us deliver the best possible DI service to our film customers," said Dmitry Guslinsky, head of Mosfilm's editing department. "Lustre allows filmmakers to creatively control the look, mood, and color detail of their work, whether for a single scene or a full-length feature." Lustre also integrates seamlessly with Mosfilm's existing Smoke editing system and Autodesk Combustion desktop visual effects software.

"Lustre provides an intuitive interface that allows DoPs who are more familiar with traditional grading techniques to realize their creative ideas," said Patrick Jocelyn, EMEA director, Autodesk's Media and Ent. Division. "We're seeing an increasing demand for Lustre as the popularity of digital color grading and knowledge of the DI process grows. Facilities have high expectations in terms of creativity, workflow and speed that only the Lustre system can match."

Other European and Asian customers that have adopted the Lustre system include Laboratoires Éclair (France), Mikros Image (France), Sylicone (France), Buf Compagnie (France), ARRI Film & TV Services (Germany), Fotofilm Madrid (Spain), Ultimate Video (Netherlands), Ciris (Netherlands), HoverlorD (Belgium), Chimney Pot and Dry Lab (Norway), Universal Production Partners (Czech Republic), Studio Mirage (Czech Republic), Prasad Corp. (India) and Rotana Cinema (Saudi Arabia).

Founded in 1982, Autodesk Inc. ( is headquartered in San Rafael, California. The company recently renamed Discreet to Autodesk Media and Ent. The division best known for 3ds max and other digital imaging software will continue to service the film, video, gaming and related media and entertainment markets. This renaming ensures that the creative toolset from Autodesk Media and Ent. will stay on the leading edge of product innovation.