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Lucky 7 Films To Screen at Cartoon Movie 2003

Seven films have been selected to screen at the 5th edition of Cartoon Movie to be held March 13-15, 2003, in Potsdam, Germany. Organized by the European Association Cartoon in collaboration with NFP Teleart in Germany with the support of the Media Programme of the European Union and Berlin-Brandenburg Filmboard, Cartoon Movie offers attending investors, producers and distributors a complete overview of European animation feature films at different stages of production. The seven films to be shown are: CORTO MALTESE, THE ARCANES SECRET COURT by Pascal Morelli (Ellipsanime, France), DRAGON HILL by Ángel Izquierdo (Millimetros, Spain), MR. BLOTTS TRIUMPH by Krzysztof Gradowski (Studio Miniatur Filmowych, Poland), OTHERWORLD by Derek Hayes (Cartwn Cymru, Wales/U.K.), THE RAIN CHILDREN by Philippe Leclerc (Belokan Productions/MK2, France), TIME GATE, by Pedro Eugenio Delgado (Magic Films S.L., Spain) and THE BOY WHO WANTED TO BE A BEAR by Jannik Hastrup (Dansk Tegnefilm2, DK/Les Armateurs, France). Clips from works in progress will also be shown including EL CID, THE LEGEND by Josep Pozo (Spain), THE DOG, THE GENERAL AND THE BIRDS by Francis Nielsen (France) and RENART THE FOX by Thierry Schiel (Lux). During the conference, Cartoon will also present the Cartoon Movie Tributes, rewarding outstanding European strategies, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on the European animation feature film industry. For further information go to Cartoon's Website at