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Lucasfilm's THX Goes On Its Own

Lucasfilm Ltd. has spun off itsTHX digital cinema division as an independent company, THX Ltd.Lucasfilm remains an investor in the newly formed, privately heldcompany, along with other corporate and private investors. Theformation of THX Ltd. will allow the company the opportunity toexpand into markets outside of Lucasfilm's core areas. THX Ltd. willreorganize its programs and services into five key areas: THXStudio, THX Cinema, THX Home, THX Mobile and THX Games. In theprofessional arena, THX will continue to expand its licensees in thenewly established THX Digital Cinema Certification Program, as itdevelops new standards and criteria for the next generation of THXTheatres. The THX Digital Cinema Program establishes performance andquality levels for digital systems and individual digital cinemacomponents, including projectors and servers. "As a separate company,THX is better positioned to grow our existing markets as well as newareas where our expertise in quality sound and picture presentationcan be applied," said Mike Hewitt, acting general manager, THX Ltd."One of these exciting new areas is the Digital Cinema initiativewhich now falls under the THX Cinema umbrella." Additionally, underTHX Mobile and THX Games, the company is targeting car audio systemsand computer games and game consoles as key areas for expansion.