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LucasArts Brings Their Far, Far Away Galaxy To Dreamcast

Sega of America announced that LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC has

become a new third party publisher for the Sega Dreamcast. Scheduled to

ship Spring 2000, STAR WARS: EPISODE I RACER will be the first LucasArts

title to hit Dreamcast. LucasArts is committed to providing additional

titles in the future, adding to Sega's long list of third party publishers

and developers for Sega Dreamcast. Taking advantage of Dreamcast's Internet

capabilities, STAR WARS: EPISODE I RACER will allow gamers to post high

scores to the Sega Dreamcast Network. Utilizing all the advantages of the

128-bit game system, LucasArts plans to work on creating unprecedented

realism, graphics and gameplay in their Sega Dreamcast titles. STAR WARS:

EPISODE I RACER will feature high resolution graphics and pre-rendered cut


Learn about game pre-production at LucasArts explained by Russell Bekins in

Animation World Magazine.

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Gaming's New Darling."

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