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Lost Liner Creates CG Goodness for Ballerina Cookies

Directed by Jonas Dahlbeck and Boris Nawratil, Lost Liner Productions brought to life some 60+ mischievous cookies that play around in the cookie factory after closing time.

Announcement from Lost Liner Productions:

Former Filmtecknarna directors Jonas Dahlbeck, Jessica Lauren and Boris Nawratil – of Sweden’s Lost Liner Productions – used their fondness for steam punk and old French cabaret to reinvent the old stop-motion animated commercial classics that most Swedes have grown up with.

While Boris designed and built the French and steam punk-inspired bakery sets, Jonas redesigned the cookie characters, adding more attitude and playfulness than they had before. During casting of the cookie characters, the Lost Liner crew searched through boxes of cookies, picking only the tastiest looking ones, which were recreated digitally using very high-resolution 3D scans.

To bring life and realism to the 3D environments, they were given a nice worn and old-looking feel, yet with a clean finish. To achieve this look, Lost Liner did extensive texture and shading work – a fun but time-consuming endeavor. To avoid letting the realism overtake the dreamlike feeling that Jonas and Boris always strive for in their films, the Lost Liner crew pumped loads of smoke and atmospherics into to the 3D scenes, giving everything a nice misty and soft light.

Using Autodesk Softimage with the Arnold render engine as the main 3D package, along with Mudbox for sculpting, the Lost Liner team was able to complete the commercial within a six-week production schedule. Adobe After Effects was employed for final grading, but with the Arnold render engine allowing all rendering to be completed in one pass, the need for most compositing was removed.


Client: Göteborgs Kex  Marketing Director: Camilla Everberg

Agency: Åkestam Holts Agency Producer: Leila El-Zein                    Account Director: Kjell Månsson                        Account Manager: Jessica Söder                    Art Director: Yvan Archimbaud                        Copywriter: Adina Asplund

Production Company: Lost Liner Director: Boris Nawratil , Jonas Dahlbeck, Jessica Lauren                    Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson                        Design: Boris Nawratil, Jonas Dahlbeck                        VFX Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren                        TD: Oskar Wahlberg                        Coordinator: Erika Reilly                        Lead Modeling: Boris Nawratil                        Modeling: Oskar Wahlberg, Lucas Pettersson, Hannes Nordin                Texturing: Oskar Wahlberg, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Tom Studt            Shading: Ulf Lundgren, Oskar Wahlberg, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Tom Studt        Rigging: Hannes Nordin Animation: Jonas Dahlbeck, Hannes Nordin Simulation: Björn Lundgren Software development: Björn Lundgren Lighting: Ulf Lundgren, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson    Comp: Ulf Lundgren

Audio: Red Pipe  Project Manager: Beatrice Längberg                    Sound Designer: Kim Creutzer

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